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Friday, May 30, 2008

It is funny how I have been running into songs that I think might work for our cinema reale piece, because I just got some great news from Daniel Boswell, the artist behind dvArtistry and cinema reale. I regularly check in on (*read: stalk*) his blog to see his latest and greatest cinema reale pieces of work from over the past weekend and when I went on it yesterday, I read this happy message:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who Wants a FREE Photo Session???

All you former and future brides of mine who read my blog regularly I have an offer you can't refuse! I have been taking photos on the side for awhile and am thinking about expanding my services and need your help building a portfolio. If you are getting married and want to do an engagement session with me for free, hit me up. Even if you are already doing one with your regular photographer, let me know if you want to do another with me. :)

If you were already married recently and want to do a "trash the dress" session with me, let me know. (if you don't know what that is..google it! Very cool pics but not for everyone.)

He had just posted the message and I immediately contacted him to see if Eddie and I would qualify. He said yes (woot!) and asked me if there were any good locations that I had in mind. mmmYEAH!!! Our original/contracted e-session is going to take place at Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney. I don't want a bunch of mickey heads in the pics, but I think the colors will really pop, we get a carousel at Disneyland, the boardwalk and mural at California Adventure will be cool backgrounds and Downtown Disney will provide us with some cute contemporary and boutique photos. Plus, since this is where Eddie proposed to me and we have so many other memories here, we figured it would be a great spot.

A close second was the campus of the Claremont Colleges. Since I go to school at CGU and have been a Visiting Lecturer at Scripps, Pitzer and Harvey Mudd we end up spending a lot of time here as well. (The same can be said of Old Town Pasadena - with Eddie being an Art Center student - and lots of people do great e-pics there, but I don't think that urban feel matches us as much). The Claremont Colleges are beautiful! There is an orange grove, a diverse range of architecture, fountains, modern galleries, sprawling lawns, country-type homes, stained glass, old trees and even a community farm. One of my favorite aspects would have to be the Denison library at Scripps College. I simply love the feel of the place and really any pictures with bookshelves ;)

Scripps College, Denison Library

Garrison Theatre and Scripps Performing Arts Center

Margaret Fowler Garden

W.M. Keck Science Center

Pomona Halls

Smith Campus Center

Elm Tree Grove

Seal Court

Graffiti Wall and Rose Garden

Plus, The Village at Claremont is just a 2 minute drive from the campus and this also has some cute areas for pictures and EATING!

Daniel is so incredibly talented! I cannot stress enough how much I love his work and personality. If the unique images, emotions and moments he captures on a video camera is any hint of what he can do with a regular camera, then Eddie and I are super-blessed!