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Monday, June 30, 2008

I hope it is okay for me to post these... :)

They are just some of the prelim ones that Daniel sent us. I don't think he has touched them up all the way, but I think they still look great. but i am probably biased :)

I feel like I look kinda prego in the ones with my dress, but I still love them! haha.

this pose was eddie's suggestion, which I love. but alice unnie says I look like i have no pants on.

eddie and i are not into PDA and Daniel was totally respectful of that. i think he still did a good job shooting us in intimate, loving poses.

this is one of our favorites because it is totally just how we are all the time.

i really like this one too. alice unnie is to thank for the great lighting!

molly's fur is so gorgeous here! i think she is definitely the best looking of us three. :)

there are some great arches at the claremont colleges. i like the natural pose we had here. we were just talking while alice unnie made a gardenia hair/ear pin for molly. haha.

this silhouette one is so cool, no?

and last, but not least, another door one. molly is laughing with us. haha!

all images courtesy of Daniel Boswell, DvArtistry