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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

we are pretty sure that we want our men in tuxes and not suits - but I do still like the look of the groomsmen in nice-fitting suits and colored ties. i just think eddie looks better in a clean/simple tux (yes, there is such a thing!). the tux he wore to the Koream gala was nice and I think fit his style. we just need to jazz it up a bit to match with my wedding gown and we will be good to go.

eddie and me at the Koream gala

however, if we were to be doing the whole suit thing, this would be a pretty cool place to start looking. Indochino makes custom tailored suits for under $500! I can't help but have a strong hankering that there are some crazy sweatshops involved with this operation...

reminds me of one eddie recently tried on at CK.

for a casual, beachy wedding. but why does this guy look like he is poonging?

kinda' feeling the vest

i like pinstripes. the first suit i saw eddie in was a pinstripe one. he was my date for a wedding i sang in and he looked quite charming - even with a shaved head. :)

they even have tuxes! although that bow ties has got to go...


King Happyberry said...

i like the pinstripe suit but all the other ones look fruity...not feeling the vest at all sweetie...

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

honey - i don't think it is nice that you use the term "fruity"... can you edit that? but i am glad you like the pinstripe one because that is my favorite too. :)