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flowers i want

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my posts have been pretty image heavy... but I like that :) When I think of centerpieces, I don't think of just one piece, but a cluster of garden flowers in various vases. i want a simple, organic feeling with different levels of candles.

LOVE the tulips!! People keep telling me it can't be done because they wilt too quickly, but then why do I see it done all the time?! I also like the jars/vases and the rustic feel of this tablescape.

more tulips, and very close to our color scheme

MORE tulips! I love how simple it looks with just a few in the single stem vases and the lighting is perfect too.

another example of the great use of single stem vases or varying heights clustered together

I think it would be cool to have a picture of eddie and myself just on the wall like it belongs there

perfection. one of the reasons why I want some rectangular tables in addition to our round ones.

a wider view of the table.

i love peonies, but in this collection i am totally feeling the images on the bottom. that is TOTALLY the vibe i want!

i like the tray of wheat grass and it would go with our escort card table

another pretty example of flowers in a wooden tray. can we combine this with varying vases?

so cute!

I know this isn't a centerpiece, but I sooo want a hydrangea wreath like this somewhere at the wedding. if hydrangeas are too pricey, it even looks nice with carnations... I think I can totally DIY this.

Another image that is not a centerpiece, but a cool concept for menus. :)

floating pomander balls are cool too esp. since we have that reflection pool. eddie said i should try making one.
i wonder how many flowers it would take...

same idea, but not floating.