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All Dressed Up, With Nowhere to Go

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well, they will have my wedding to go to, of course... but I don't want my bridesmaids to be stuck with some dress that they can't ever wear again. That would suck. Most "authentic" BM dresses out there cost anywhere between $200-300, which I think is crazy, especially since so many of them are just going to hang in a closet after the wedding day.

I want my bridesmaids to look GOOD and feel good and, once again, be able to wear their dresses for another occasion. I don't want them spending much more than $100 max. This makes it very difficult to find a dress. It usually costs that much just to rent a BM dress. I think we are going to end up looking in downtown LA for some stuff. But in the meantime, these are the styles I like... Alice unnie and I have very similar visions of what we want for the BMs to wear. we were looking everywhere to see if anyone makes what we already had in mind. Finally, I turned to my fave wedding designer... Monique Lhuillier. Of course, she didn't disappoint.

If we were to do strapless

with straps

long version, which I am kinda' lovin'

and another cute option

Obviously, these are way more than the average cost for BM dresses. But they are posted as sources of inspiration so that my girls know what I am envisioning.

What do you ladies think? :)


connie M chung said...

hey nance! i love the long dress! that would be so sweet.

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

i love it too!! but wonder if it would be too hot for summer...

Anonymous said...

oh my... so sorry for seeing this so late... LOVE them all!! :D most fave, the second one! :) wish we could afford her! :P hehe... should we get it made?!?! :D