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beauties for our beauties!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Once again, I really want our bridal party to feel as beautiful as I know they all are! :) I don't know if this will pan out - but at this point, I am hoping we can stick to one color and fabric and they can find different style dresses that they each feel comfortable in. This may be difficult to do... but we'll see. Especially if this happens, I am hoping to get them each a floral headpiece to tie all of their looks together. I think they can either be worn in the hair (however they choose) or maybe even as a corsage-y thing. I dunno yet which one they will be wearing, since we don't know what the dresses looks like, but I do know that I will be purchasing them from etsy.

If you haven't heard about etsy yet - what cave have you been living in? and why doesn't it have wi-fi internet connection? Anywho, the site is a totally rad place where you can sell and buy handmade indie artist goods! If you are a fan of project runway, the winner of this past season (Leanne) used to sell her clothing on this site. I particularly like it for stationaries, jewelry, hand-sewn goodies, bridal stuffs, and so much more!!!

I like that the pieces are all original, one-of-a-kind and that your purchase is supporting an indie artist and her/his work/love. I am posting some of my favorite designers of floral headpieces and some of their great designs. Hopefully, we can choose one of these for our beauties. But it is gonna be sooo hard cuz they are all so loverly! what makes the decision even more difficult is the fact that all of the artists on etsy also take requests for custom pieces! eeks!!

Fae fairy collections by
House of Telsa

Rosette by
House of Telsa

Mini Flapper antique pink dupioni by
House of Telsa

Copper Beauty by

by Myra Kim at Twigs&Honey

by Myra Kim at Twigs&Honey

Muscari by Easter Yu

Muscari by Easter Yu

I am going to be using a custom piece by House of Telsa for our engagement pictures. It will be a smaller version of this, with no fuzzy chenille on the black veil, which will only reach to right above my eyebrows:

Le Boudoir by House of Telsa

For the actual wedding day, I am hoping to have something like this under my loose bun, with a softer looking, twigs&honey-style flower and partially made with some extra fabric from my blush pink, french silk tafetta wedding gown.

oh, swoon! I wish I was fashionably cool enough to be able to pull off these haripieces on a daily basis! alas, I can only hope to be able to get away with it on any wedding-related day. because, supposedly on those days, you are so happy that you look good in anything, right? :)


Anonymous said...

i love it~

Anonymous said...

ok sorry i had a chance to look just now :( no internet sucks. anyhow, the 2nd one is so huge! but the rest all look really pretty. i'm not a good candidate to ask - you kno my relationship with accessories - non-existent :(

Type & Swash said...

Ooh la la!! I made one with an ivory silk peony, it's so big! i don't know if i'm going to wear a flower either...maybe if i find the right one!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

lol. i know... any of the big ones would definitely be shrunken down :) but maybe we can make them too!!