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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I have posted about Bakerella before. But her post today is simply genius and so totally me! Almost anyone who knows me can bear witness to my love for beaches. I can't really swim (yes, I really was born and raised in California! I just hate chlorine), but I love the ocean - the smell, the sound, the motion, the way the moonlight reflects off of it, the fact that a whole different world exists in there that will never fully be known to us. I think the attraction some people have to outer-space is similar to the one I have for the ocean. Anyways, this love trickles over to the beaches around the ocean. I love laying out, BBQs and looking for neat looking shells and rocks.

When traveling, I like visiting local bookstores, public libraries and beaches. I like to buy a book from every new place and collect a rock from every new beach. Bakerella has this great post about collecting sand from all the different beaches she has visited and collecting the sand in different jars and labeling them.

from Bakerella

How awesome is that?! I wish I could go back in time to visit all the beaches I have been to and get a handful of sand rather than my rocks. It would work out SO much better than my manner of collecting, since I never really label my rocks, I just collect them in a bag and probably can't even differentiate them now. haha. But Eddie and I always said that when we buy our first home, we will create a tiny walkway with all the rocks/stones. That would be pretty neat too. But still, a wall of beautiful sand jars would be pretty awesome!

from Bakerella

I guess since going back in time is not an option (at least, not yet) we will just have to travel back to all the beaches we have seen! Poor me... ;)


Anonymous said...

awww haha you guys are so cute! i can picture you guys lining your walkway together on the lawn of your house with the pickett fence :D i cant waittt