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cake tasting

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wedding planning is hard work. But today, Eddie and I were able to experience one of the pure joys of planning - cake tasting! Despite the fires that nearly made us have to evacuate our homes in the morning, we made our way to Torrance to King's Hawaiian Bakery - and it was totally worth the trek!

I dream about their Paradise cake, but since we were able to taste four different flavors we tried

1. Their oh-so-famous Hawaiian Paradise cake
2. Chocolate chiffon cake with chocolate dobash
3. Chocolate chiffon cake with fresh strawberries
4. Butter sponge with raspberry preserves

This is what they looked like when they first came out. We were given yummy coffee and water to taste with.

After a bit of this...

We were left with this and our clear decisions!

#1 and #3 beat out the rest! The bottom and top tiers will be Paradise Cake (my fave, eddie's second fave) and the middle tier will be Chocolate Chiffon with fresh strawberries (eddie's fave, my second fave). We chose my cake fave for the most tiers, not just because eddie loves me so much, but because we will be cutting into the first tier for pictures, and I simply love the way those three colors look. So bright and unexpected! we also chose it for the top tier since a piece of that will be saved for our one year anniversary, and we figure that it will "save" better than cake with fresh fruit.

I am so excited!!! We wanted to buy a paradise cake to bring home with us and share with our fams, but the bakery was SOLD OUT! I think our guests are going to love the choices we made because they aren't too sweet, melt in your mouth and are full of flavor! I know people say brides are usually too busy to eat on their own wedding day, but there is no way I am going to miss out on eating our cake!!


Type & Swash said...

yay!! David & i go there to get cake for every occasion! we LOVE LOVE LOVE the paradise cake too! i'm gonna eat all of your cake!! =)

Anonymous said...

ooh~ i LOVE their cakes! i was gonna say go for #1 and 3! ahha YAYYY i knew you guys had great taste :) i'm excited :)

rara said...

I LOVE YOU!! i never eat wedding cake but you better bet i will be first in line for cake. hahahha~ paradise cake is my absolute favorite! and it matches your wedding colors! you did that on purpose didn't you...hahaha~