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Wedding Party Invites

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

we made these and sent most of them out a little while back, but it took some time to get it to all 12 members of our wedding party. so i am barely posting about them now.

our wedding party members have all known that they would be bridesmaids/groomsmen for at least half a year - but we still wanted to give them something special to "invite" them to be a part of our big day. plus, some conversation with the guys had me feeling like they might not know about saving the date or having to come to the wedding at a much earlier time (for getting ready and pictures and everything else) as well as the the evening prior, for the rehearsal and all that good stuff. so, this invite also served as a good informational tool, that hopefully wouldn't be lost among a pile of e-mails! :) On the back of each invite, we wrote personal messages to each person and all important info they may need to know for the wedding.

without further ado - here they are!

This is the guys' version, which had to be put in larger boxes to fit the Romeo and Julietta cigar.

view of the girls' version. smaller boxes because their present lay flat under the actual invite.

close-up of the image detail.

under the invite for the bridesmaids, we placed a Bridesmaid wish necklace by dogeared.

finally, under every invite was a bed of pink peanut m&ms, sealed with a letter-pressed heart. yum!

We love each of our wedding party members and asking them to be a part of our special day was a no-brainer. I think we should do a feature of each person on our blog! What do you think, hon? And although we didn't give these invites to our littlest wedding party members (taylor, our flower girl, and benny, our ring bearer), they definitely deserve their own feature too!


gracemejin said...

cool, yo! HEY, did you know your blog always freezes my browser?

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

really? i haven't heard that before, so good to know! maybe it is the music :( perhaps we should try taking it off for a while.

starfish said...

So cute! I love creative ways to ask, I'm trying to come up with how to ask now.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE em! and i eat the m&m's before meals when im starving and i think of you guys :) you are so creative!

ooh! unnie, some...."concerning" news of the dates. i'll tell you more later BUT to not stress you out, i think it'll be ok :) love youu