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Thursday, January 29, 2009

So, I am a control freak. I am also very detail oriented, as any of my friends and any reader of this blog can probably attest to. The idea of getting a wedding coordinator was always foreign to me because Eddie and I wanted to plan every aspect of our wedding together and I surely didn't want any one else to take the credit for our planning or try to execute any of our ideas in a wrong way. We figured a friend or family member would just help everything go smoothly on the day of the weddding.

However, after readings and hearing tons of horror stories about brides who didn't have at least a day-of-wedding coordinator, and as our to-do list became longer and longer while the time between us and the wedding became shorter and shorter, my feelings about hiring a day of coordinator began to change. I started to research and send out some feeler e-mails to potential DOCs (Day of Coordinators) who would fit into our budget that never had room for coordination fees.

By this time, most of the more affordable DOCs were booked for our date. I guess June is a very popular month! On a whim, I decided to contact one last possible coordinator, who actually did not really fit into our budget and who I was sure would be booked because she is so dang popular. This is where Angel Swanson from Events of Love and Splendor enters the story. I had always heard about her, and loved her work! It's funny because many of my inspiration images, gathered from all around the net, were unknowingly taken from weddings that she had coordinated! Before I emailed her, I checked out her website and saw that many of her "friends" and recomended vendors from the wedding industry were already our other booked vendors (including our photographer, videographer and hair/makeup artist!). It felt like we would definitely be a good fit!

As luck would have it, she was free! I think it really was meant to be! It's a unique situation because she is going to be out of town on the day of our wedding, so Anna, her lovely sister, will be our actual DOC. This means we get a slightly dicounted rate, but all of her normal services, leading up to the day of the wedding! I think Eddie and I definitely got the better end of the deal because we have BOTH Angel and Anna helping us get everything straight before the wedding day and it all fits in our budget!

After our first consultation meeting, we were hooked! Both Angel and Anna are such sweethearts and as we left our meeting to go to our car, Eddie said that we had to book them. He loved that they were both so detailed and organized and said that he was sold when he saw her huge binder for ONE wedding! lol. If anyone is looking for a friendly, enthusiastic, organized and experienced wedding coordinator, I couldn't recommend anyone more than Angel and Anna from Events of Love and Splendor!!! That is one deposit check I felt relieved to write!!

Oh! and their blog is off the hook and filled with so many wonderful ideas!


gracemejin said...

oh! i think you made a good decision for your DOC! You won't regret it. Also, can I ask you about your make-up and hair artist? Did you have a trial with her? Is she good with Asian hair & face? what about her prices?

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

I LOVE nicole! She is really decent;y priced considering that she comes to your location (no travel fee) and it's funny because I found that most of her clients are Asians! I have no "double-eyelid" and she did a really great job getting my makeup to look right and natural during my trial. She is actually Amelia Lyon's sister! So, since we had booked her sister for photography, my trial was free. ;) Two of my other Korean girlfriends also booked her for their wedding day and loved the job she did. Their hair and makeup stayed on all night long and still looked wonderful. I have even gone to her to do a regular cut, color and style! haha. that is how much I love her ;) Good luck!

gracemejin said...

thanks Queenie!