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God Bless America!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today marks such a beautiful and historic day in America. It makes me happy to be alive!

This picture is one of my favorite depictions of today's Presidential Inauguration. You can totally see the love and respect that Michelle Obama has for her husband. I am a total believer of the saying, "behind every great man, is an even greater woman," and I don't think the woman always has to be 'behind' him, either... :) But essentially, I think a loving relationship makes each individual an even better person. Meeting your true counterpart brings you to your full potential. I am so lucky to have met mine...


connie M chung said...

hey! loving your new blog! where'd he find it?

thanks for the little shoutout. i'm glad i met you too! lol.

Anonymous said...

unnie, i just saw your photos from bey-gahss! i loved them! you look so great! :) are those the shoes that bonny got us? hahahha they look realy cute on you! i haven't worn mine yet but they look really good :)

i was silently laughing about the purple scarf, not cus it's not pretty, but because it's SOOOO YOU! lol our younger days of playing school,purple was your fave and i would copy and purple was my fave too~
can't believe you have 5 months left...5 MONTHS!!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

aw!!! don't freak me out!!! :) dude! i got those shoes and then bonny told me she got them for soooo much cheaper :( thanks for the sweetie pie comments. awe... us in elementary. dude! you guys have major ammunition for wedding speeches. lol.