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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...and it's all because of our menu tasting trip from last week! Every time I look at the pictures of the food, I want to eat it again!!!

(sorry, mommy - you have food in your mouth - but this is the only picture i had of the three of us!)

Accompanied by my lovely mommy and sister/maid of honor (Alice unnie), Eddie and I went to Skirball last Wednesday to attend our menu tasting. It was Alice's first time seeing the venue so I was pretty excited to see her reaction. Of course, she loved it! ;) But I have to admit, when the night first started I was a little sad because the tasting took place in the beautiful ballroom, and it made me kind of regret having our wedding in the Taper Courtyard rather than their gorgeous ballroom...

Eddie took the picture above! I LOVE the ceiling in the ballroom... but after the tasting we went outside to see the courtyard and I had no doubt that it felt more like "us" and that it was going to be the perfect venue for our reception!

(us, outside)

I am not going to go into too much detail about all the food, but I have to warn people - we will not be having steak at our wedding. Sorry. The cost is just way too much extra and honestly, the food at the Skirball is so delicious that I don't even think we need the steak. Everyone at our tasting table actually liked the fish (sea bass) the best. So, we are going to go with a choice between fish and chicken, and of course, vegetarian. Eddie says we can justify the 'no steak' based on my own aversion to red meat. Not that I don't like to eat red meat... I really love it. But after reading the book, "my year of meats," I gave it up for like 2 months because I just couldn't get myself to eat it. Not just because of what they do to the cows, but what that whole process does to our bodies and even our environment! Alas, I am weak and easily forget things I learn, so I have started eating red meat again... but I do try to eat less of it!

Anyways, here are some pictures Eddie took of the meals. There was really low lighting in the ballroom, but I think you can get the jist of what the food will be like. I can't wait to grub!!!



no picture of the fish, but here is one of our midnight snack!!


Unknown said...

omg.. food looks freeking good..by the way, i would choose chicken over beef anyway. HA!

Anonymous said...

can i reserve right now? i'll have chicken!

and i love your venue. imma get married there too if i don't have my destination wedding! lol. i'm serious!

love you!!!