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Our Bridesmaids Dresses!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My beautiful bridesmaids (minus my sister/maid of honor, who was boarding in Lake Tahoe) made a trip to downtown LA this past weekend to see if we could find anything for them to wear for the wedding. It was fun and tiring, but we had no luck. We even considered just renting dresses from the place I am having my own gown made, but decided to take a week or so to think about it and perhaps look around some more. At this point, I was just happy that we had at least kind of decided on a similar style of what everyone liked.

Ellen (one of the BMs), Eddie, Connie and I were at the mall yesterday and decided to stop in JCrew where we sa the PERFECT DRESS! It fit all of my criteria! Not too fancy, something they can wear again, therefore, hopefully something cotton, pink and comfortable for a summer wedding. Ellen modeled the dress and the fit was great. It hits right above the knees (just like I like it) and has pockets (just like I love it!). The cotton is a light and pretty embossed cotton that still has structure and a little poof in the skirt. So cute!

We came back home and went online to find that it also comes in a halter style. This is good because some of my bridesmaids were not too thrilled about wearing strapless, but willing. I decided I would let them try on both and choose which style they want so some will be wearing strapless and others can wear the halter style. I called JCrew wedding specialists (at midnight!) and they helped me get all my sizes in both dresses, plus they honored the 15% teacher discount and added an extra 20% off for opening a JCrew card! So, not only did I find the perfect dresses for my girls! I got them at 35% off! whoo-hoo! ;)

Here are the styles and the tea rose color is the color we ordered them in. The color online is darker than in person. The actual color is more of a pinky-peach, almost coral-like. very pretty and flattering to different skin tones!

Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that nobody comes to the wedding in one of these dresses! LOL. I guess that is one of the downfalls of picking a non-bridesmaidsy bridesmaids dress. But we plan to add a sash to the strapless one to dress it up a bit. I dunno how it will work with the halter one... I guess we'll have to see.


Anonymous said...

i love them! really really cute. congrats!

Anonymous said...

i think the strapless is better than the halter, imo...

Anonymous said...

cute! love that you got a great discount...that's the best feeling!

Anonymous said...

btw, i realized that i blog-stalk you...