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Sunday, May 10, 2009

So, we took our engagement pictures a few weeks ago - and our photographer, Amelia Lyon, already sent us a gallery of the images, posted the session on her blog, and sent us the preview of our album!

all images courtesy of Amelia Lyon Photography

When I see the images, I just can't help thinking how when Eddie and I are old and retired, we will look back at this album and be able to feel what we feel right at his moment. The joy of being young and in love, lucky enough to find and marry your soul mate and best friend, being surrounded by family and friends who support you and your union, being privileged enough to have a love and marriage that is recognized legally and emotionally and having a photographer who is so awesome that she can make you feel all of this at once and capture it as a piece of art. There are several that we would love to have made into prints... but we are definitely going with her fave (mine as well) for our wedding day print. I can't wait to see it hanging in our new home :) You can check out more pics on her blog!

Also, Amelia has the BEST taste in music. The song she put on our album slideshow is so perfect! Just like her :)

Hair and Makeup was done by the beautiful and sweet Nicole DeAnne. I can't wait to see her again on the wedding day. She is seriously such a sweetie and I know she will do some amazing things with my already gorgeous bridesmaids! ;)

Another note about the album - it is technically a guest-sign in album, but we don't want a bunch of people writing all over our faces. Especially cuz some people just sign their autograph! LOL1 So, we are only having our family and bridal party sign the album. :) It'll be more like a "yearbook" entry from each person.... hopefully! But is it still possible to "display" on the wedding day? Just hide any pens so people don't think they can write all over it? ;)


connieMchung said...

awww. so cute! lovin' the images!!! you seriously look HOT!

gracemejin said...

girl you look so good! i love the photography :) i agree with connie, you look hot!

susanna said...

NANCY!!! It's susanna from back in the day :) how are you?? crazy - a bunch of my friends used amelia as their wedding photographer, so i follow her blog - i love her work! anyhoo, i go to her blog just now, and i see YOU!!!! craziness :) congrats on your upcoming nuptials~! when's the date? couldn't be happier for you :)

Amelia . Lyon said...

Awww, Thank you for you sweet words! You and Eddie are the best! Can't wait for your big day! High Fives!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! ;) It's all Amelia's angles and photoshop. lol!

Susanna!!! what?! susanna ahn?! where have you been? i heard you got married recently as well, right? i would love to see the pics! i am gonna go look for your on FB right now! :) i miss you~~~

Type & Swash said...

david and i love them...so cute! she totally captured "nancy & eddie" time!

susanna said...

NANCY! i can't believe it's you~!! i miss you~!! find me under "susanna choe" on fb :P hehe, my new name :) can't wait to catch up~