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so much to do, so little time

Monday, June 1, 2009

i haven't been able to blog in quite some time but it certainly does NOT mean that we haven't been busy thinking about all things wedding and marriage related! :) This past month has been filled with late nights of crafting, snacking, partying, conversing, planning, budgeting, etc. and this isn't even mentioning the hours spent condo-hunting! I definitely do not recommend looking for a home while planning a wedding. But we are very blessed, so I can't complain...

I will be blogging more updates and pictures soon. But for now, I wanted to post a picture of today's project... our place cards! I can't remember where I first saw the inspiration image that made me want to do this, but I know I have blogged about it before in one of my inspiration boards. In any case, we are using different colored ribbons to let the staff know meal choices of our guests. The pink is chicken, sea foam green is sea bass and gold is vegetarian.

Eddie went to a lot of trouble to help me print and punch these out.

***we interrupt this blog post for a very important Public Service Announcement/WARNING to all present and future grooms out there: 2 weeks before the wedding is NOT a good time to question certain DIY choices for the wedding, especially if they are already started and have previously been mutually and enthusiastically agreed upon! however, your bride will be very appreciative and happy when everything is finished and I am sure you will reap the rewards at the honeymoon. now back to the regular blog post.***

anyways, my circle hole puncher sucks ass. I knew it was sucky compared to my other special shaped hole punchers cuz it is a cheap one that I bought on sale at some random craft store and not my regular scrapbooking/card-making joint, but still... I never realized HOW disgustingly sucky it was until we (by "we", I mean "eddie") had to punch out 400 circles with the sucker! Not that we have 400 guests, but each place card is double-sided; so, ~200-guests times 2-sides equals a very hot and bothered eddie. boo.

but look how pretty they are! can't you just imagine how much cuteness they will add to the table-scape? my sister helped tie ribbons to them and said she was shocked and amazed that I am not going crazy over the misaligned round border within the circles (due to the suck-ass circle hole-puncher). yes. it does, in fact, drive me crazy and kills me a little inside when I look at them. But I figure quality control has to suffer a bit this close to the wedding date when you still have to work on the seating chart and make the ceremony programs. ack! more to come...

btw. the ribbons are the same ones used in our invites - purchases downtown for $1.75 for 50 yards!!! woot! The ferrero rocher candies were purchased at costco for less than $50.00 and we printed the circle name tags on some extra stardream cardstock I had laying around. ;) oh! and 250 toothpicks were .50 cents at the local market! All in all, I think I got a lot of bang for my bucks!


Brena said...

Very cute! I love the addition of the ribbons! And thanks for letting me know that you got them at Costco. :)

gracemejin said...

hi!! I've been wondering where you've been but then I realized your wedding is soo close!! I love the idea of the place cards. I can't wait to see how the wedding turns out...and yes, I am still mulling about the gocco. Will email you after your wedding :) Stay sane happyberry...