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we did it!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

we're married!!

and... HE did it!!!
he "caked" me!

Even after all the forewarning! he says he insanely succumbed to mob mentality cuz people were crowded around and cheering when we cut the cake and he swears he heard someone say, "smash it!" which I highly doubt! Later, I will post a very amusing INITIAL reaction picture!

the first dance

I LOVED my dress and wish I could wear it every day! haha. I can't WAIT for our pro pics, but in the meantime, I stole these from my family and friends off of facebook ;)

The first kiss picture is from my cousin Jaimie - excellent paparazzi work in the church!! (more on that later). I wish she could have gotten a picture of my niece Taylor, our flower girl, who stuck her tongue out when we kissed! :P

The next two are from Jane Gahng, our long-time friend and a letterpress artist who specializes in wedding invites! Check out her work and musings on her blog, type and swash.

And the last image is from our dear friend and professional photographer (can't you tell?!), Connie M. Chung. As always, check out her blog too! She has a post with some pictures from our wedding rehearsal and wedding day but the other weddings and portrait sittings on her site are sure to provide you with some great inspiration!!! like this one, if you're a bride, and this one, if you have kids! ;)

I will be back with more details, pictures and vendor reviews when I pick up some wind... the honeymoon was AWESOME - but I think you definitely need a vacation after your vacation. lol.


Type & Swash said...


gracemejin said...

omg! Congrats Queenie!!! That dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! And I can't wait to hear more about the fabulous day! Many many congrats to you and your new hubby!

connieMchung said...

honestly, your dress was exquisite. i can't stop looking at all that draping. i don't know what to call it. lol. but your wedding was seriously beautiful. one of THE best weddings i have been to. AND you looked absolutely radiant. truly a beautiful bride. and i canNOT wait for the pics! so exciting!!!!! thanks for the shout out nance. you and richie are truly my biggest fans. nuh bahk keh up suh!!! love you. and congratulations again. i know you guys are going to be very very very happy. because if eddie can cake you like that, it means you guys have an awesome, fun relationship. :)

Jennie said...

hi!! this is completely random but i came across a comment you made on weddingbee and followed your link to your blog.. and wahla.. i see that we have a lot in common!!
i wanted to ask you more about your wedding gown (in blush/non white) but now that i see you also got married at BAPC (my home church!) i'd like to pick your brain a bit... do you mind if I email you or something??

thank you so much and CONGRATS on your beautiful wedding!! :)
jennie.wu [at] gmail