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Friday, July 3, 2009

So, I know photo booths are now pretty common for weddings if you have been planning your wedding within the last year or two. But I think it is still a nice surprise for a lot of guests, especially older and younger ones.

I always wanted a photo booth for our wedding day cuz I have had an obsession with the real ones ever since like elementary school. I have tons of old photo booth "strip" pictures with my girlfriends from back in the day (some of them were now my bridesmaids!) and with Eddie as well cuz anywhere we go that has a photo booth, you can be sure we will be in there and waiting eagerly in front for 3-4 minutes for our prints! lol. Anywhere, apparently, other than our own wedding! The day went by so quick, we only took one picture together in our photo booth! :( That is one of my biggest regrets from the day... I wish we at least had one in my wedding gown, before I changed into my reception dress... But here it is in all it's glory. hehe. The top-left picture isn't what you think. He is saying, what are you doing? And I am saying, just stand still. lol.

After the downward plunge of the economy, we decided that a photo booth was not a necessity and would have to be nixed from our budget. However, 2 months before the wedding, my sister and brother-in-law (who also walked me down the aisle) stated that they would be gifting us a photo booth for our wedding day since they knew how much I had always wanted one! This is in addition to their already very generous gift! But I couldn't refuse!

So, I did some research and found the best deal with Cheesy Photo Booths. They were great to work with and very easy to communicate with. You can choose your own color background, but we went with a standard red because we felt like it came out the best in pictures that we saw from other weddings and their own website. We got 6 hours, on-site tech, free double prints, custom banner, CD with all the images, and materials for scrapbooking. They put it all together in a nice black album and then send it to you within a month after your wedding! we already have ours and I love it!

The funny thing is, not many guests know that you (as the bride and groom) get digital copies of all the photos taken in the booth. HILARIOUS! My friends and family are all CLOWNS I tell ya! I think people figured that as long as they took both prints of their pictures they would be safe... but we have digital evidence of everything that went on in there!

Eddie and I really like the random ones from the end of the night where our reception site staff members stepped in to take pictures too. We were like, who are these people? SO funny! I have some incriminating pictures to give to our catering manager if he ever wants to blackmail anyone he works with! lol! And the narcissistic portraits people took that look like passport photos are so funny!

So, if you were at the wedding, and give me permission, I will post some of your crazy pics on our blog so that others can see what I am talking about. It's crazy how many people can fit in a cheesy photobooth! Looking back, we are SO glad that we got one and so blessed to have such loving and thoughtful family members... THANK YOU, KITTY UNNIE AND PATRIK HYUNGBOO!!!


Type & Swash said...

post away!!! we already saw a bunch through smiggles blog!! i think at one point, i was squeezed so much, i couldn't breathe! AND, I think there's another picture where I'm in there but you can't see me! very fun!

Photo Booth Manchester said...

Love the photo booth and it is also glad to see those wacky shots.