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Friday, August 14, 2009

I recently posted about our Day of Coordinator and what an integral part of the day she was! While Eddie was definitely a huge part of every step in our wedding planning process, it was so helpful to have Angel and Anna help carry the load as well. Planning was such an enjoyable process for us, and having them as a sounding board for many of our ideas was beyond helpful. And I can't even begin to express how stress-free our wedding day was due to their presence!

On that note, like many post-wedding "brides", I have realized how much I love all things wedding related. Being that I am a full-time academic, planning our wedding enabled me to use a part of my brain that is usually only reserved for scrapbooks, birthday cards and Christmas season celebrations. Creating a theme/vision and discovering how to realize it through details (DIY and otherwise) was probably my favorite part of wedding planning. Researching different vendors like photographers, florists, videographers and lighting companies was totally fun as well and now I have all of this information that I would love to hand over to other brides. The internet has proven to be a great resource for me and through it, I have had the pleasure of "meeting" several other brides. And while our own wedding is over, I would love to continue to meet and help brides in the planning process.

So, it has been a long time coming, but I recently began my own Event Design and Coordination company, along with my sister and cousin. We are "So Happi Together" and we would be SO happy to be considered for coordinating and event planning for your upcoming event, or referred to any of your friends! We specialize in weddings and birthdays (especially kid's birthdays) with me taking the head on weddings, my sister taking the lead on birthdays and my cousin (the interior designer) assisting with everything necessary, including the day-of event design and decor!

I already have three weddings booked for next year and hope for the pleasure of many more! If you would like a free in-person or over the phone consultation, please let me know. I love to meet new brides and chat about all things wedding-related!! ;)

The logo is still in the works... but I love the idea of mixing pale shades of grey, pink, yellow and robin's egg blue. For now, here is a glimpse of the yellow. Thanks for your support! The website will be launched soon!!


Type & Swash said...

congratulations nehn-shee & company! i'm SO HAPPI that you're doing something that you love! =)

gracemejin said...

wow! I love it!!! You are going to be so great at it. I wish I could hire you, but we already have a DOC lined up. I will pass your name on to my friends!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks, ladies! And thank you VERY much for any friend and family referrals! ;) XOXO!!

connieMchung said...

yay! you'll do great!

bon said...