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Meet Christy and Rich!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I honestly don't think a couple could be any sweeter than the newlyweds, Christy and Rich! When Christy and I first spoke over the phone, I knew instantly that working together wouldn't be work at all. Since they were long-distance planning from New York, most of my communication with Christy was over email, text and the occasional phone conversation. However, whenever we did get together in person, it was hours of non-stop giggles and gushing about life, logistics and details we loved for their wedding.What makes me smile every time I see Christy and Rich interact is the fact that you can tell they are such different individuals, but they fit together so seamlessly and effortlessly as a beautiful couple. When you see the ease with which they communicate and come to decisions together, the term, "Meant to be," really comes to mind! 

I would share more about the day itself, but Christy pretty much covers it in the sweet review she wrote for me on Project Wedding. Can you believe they worked on this review during their mini-moon?! This is just how sweet and gracious they are. All I can add is that the day was like a dream... I LOVE these two and met some great people through their friends and other vendors. I consider myself truly lucky to have been a part of their special day and to count them among my friends.

They started with a church ceremony followed by bridal party portraits on the beach and then moved to a cocktail hour and reception at the Irvine Marriott's Tuscany Ballroom that is completely detached from the rest of the hotel, which adds a nice sense of privacy and intimacy for your party. Here are some pictures taken by the talented Palos Studio team. You can check out more on their blog!

The lovely bride, Christy!

Rich, the dapper groom, with his groomsmen!

I can just FEEL their love in this picture! :)

detail shots! I brought the glass dome from home and placed their extra glass-bear cake topper inside, to serve as a centerpiece for their candy buffet.

We made sure to get this silhouette shot in front of their monogram before the end of the night.

I can't thank their team of vendors enough for helping to make the lovely day possible! Here's the round-up!

Venue: Irvine Marriott - make sure to ask for Lou Lou, she is amazing!
Florals: Joanna from Floral Sense
Photography: Palos Studio
DJ/MC: Dean Henderson from Sounds Like Fun
Hair and Makeup: Elaine Chou, ECMakeup


Type & Swash said...

great job nancy!! i love the lighting and the cute little half dome detail with their bears in it!

Anonymous said...

Nancy!!!!! You are toooooo sweet and we just love you to pieces!!!!!!! It was totally our pleasure to work with you and it was sooo sooo soooooo fun!!! Thank you so much again for making everything absolutely PERFECT!!!! When we get the rest of the pics, I'll let you know, because you have to display your gorgeous candy bar that you made for us as well as all the little details you took care for us!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! ****love and hugs****

Anonymous said...

Oh and I can't say enough how blessed and lucky we are to have met you!!!!! *****muah******

Joanna said...

Stunning! I love the attention to detail... definitely your specialty!

literalliris said...

Nancy! I'm in love with your blog! I still cannot get over how stunning you looked at your wedding! Happy blogging! i look forward to following you!


nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks, Type and Swash! I love the bears as well and the lighting was so important to Christy, I am sure she will appreciate your comment! We spent hours trying to find the perfect share of golden amber! ;)

*lovely, Christy! I hope you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving as a Mrs.! we need to share details soon. *muah*

*Joanna, thanks!! I LOVE details and hope we get some more pictures of the rest!

*literalliris! welcome to my blog!! SO happi to have you following and look forward to following you as well! xoxo!!

literalliris said...

The boots are from Topshop.com. My favorite London based shopping mecca (now open in new york) I've bought shoes from them before, and i'm pretty sure they won't let you down. The collection of booties are also super fierce. :D They are also mainly all made from Brazil with real leather so they are really sturdy. I hope you find a great pair!

Jessica said...

Your first couple! Squeeeee!

connieMchung said...

i agree with everything and everybody! lol. great job nance! congrats on yr first wedding! can't wait to see more and more!!!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks, everyone! I am so blessed to have your love and and support. Can't wait to share the 10 other weddings I am working on for 2010!!