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Happy Friday and Craft Good Cheer!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yesterday was a FULL day but so much fun! We had the wardrobe fitting for our photoshoot and it made me want to try on all the wedding gowns again! :) Would that be crazy?

After that fitting I went with Jane from Olive Hue Paper Goods and Connie from Connie M Chung Photography to the Urban Craft Center for the Craft Good Cheer party hosted by the lovely Kelly of Yes, Please and Paige of Eco Bash Events. Kelly and Paige were such wonderful hostesses and the party had great food, music and people. What more can a girl ask for?

When a part of the blogging and tweeting world, it's really nice to have an opportunity to have some human interaction and put names to beautiful faces. I finally met two of the three sweet ladies from Utterly Engaged, Lucia and Eva. I also met a bunch of talented and oh-so-friendly photographers: Sandra Pan, Serena Grace, Raya Carlisle, Adrienne Gunde and Caroline Tran. And I have to mention the adorable Kimberly from BBj Linen and blogger extraordinaire, Lydia, of Ever Ours. Whew! I have a ton of lunch/coffee dates to look forward to and can't wait to get to know each of these ladies better! I think this may be my most heavily link-filled post to date! ;)

I didn't take any pictures because my hands were usually filled with yummy drinks, cuppie love cupcakes, cookies by bittersweet treats and mashed potatoes by La Grande Orange. Oh those mashed potatoes... I can still taste them! Raya was the official photographer of the night, so I am sure she will have some fun pics up soon and will let you all know.

In the meantime, I am preparing for a little holiday celebration of my own. It is a actually a joint belated-birthday bash/Christmas party with some very wonderful friends. Whenever we get together, mayhem ensues so I am REALLY looking forward to it! :) I am not sure how we are going to fit 14 people in our humble abode... but we'll have fun trying!  Taking inspiration from the craft good cheer party, I will be providing ornaments crafts so that people can help our lil' tree out. :)

Sorry. My pictures are never as good as Eddie's... I finished the garlands I was talking about but as you can see... it still needs a lil' sum'in sum'in.

The LED lights I purchased are pink and I thought they would be a cute soft pink, but they are pretty HOT looking when you turn the lights on. It's really funny. Eddie calls our tree a little mardi gras or raver grandma cuz of the beads and lights. If you saw it in person, you would understand. Oh well. I think it makes for a good memory, at the very least!

And here is a picture of some flowers I picked up today from the flower mart. Lisianthus are one of  Eddie's favorite!

So, happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all stay safe, dry and happi surrounded by the ones you love and remembering the importance of laughter and love! xoxo!!


sandra pan said...

So great to meet you in person! You're as adorable in person! I posted some images from the event. Wow, i can't believe you linked everyone..what a task..but most tahnk you...i spent forever just doing the images. LOL.

Type & Swash said...

Thanks for great company last night! can't wait to hang out again!

Anonymous said...

oh nancy! you make me blush! as soon as the holiday craziness is over, you, connie, jane and i should definitely meet up! would love to talk to you gals more!

Adrienne Gunde said...

Thanks for the shoutout, so great to meet you! :) Let's plan a lunch with Connie after the holidays! Would love to chat with you girls more!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Sandra! Same goes to you!!! Can't wait to do lunch on friday, sweetie.

Everours! I am so happi to have found your blog and feel inspired! You are too cute :) Yes. We need to meet. When?!

Adrienne! New year sounds good. I will be in touch! xo!

susanna said...

awww nance, <3 your blog :) what a small world - i follow adrienne and serena's blogs b/c they're friends with my college friend, jean tsai (who's also a wedding photog) :D love the work you're doing. we have to meet up when i'm back in LA! it's been WAY too long...plus i have a TON of single gfs that could use your services in the future ;) miss u~~

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Susanna! are you for real? so funny. Jean is actually shooting one of my brides' weddings! I would love to meet up when you are in town. I miss you way too much too. Holidays always remind me of the Christmas programs we did as kids... oh the good ole' days. :) Hope you are enjoying your first holiday season as a Mrs.!!!