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Project Photoshoot Dilemma

Friday, December 4, 2009

If you follow my blog, you know I have been hinting about a particular project (SO excited!) coming up in January for quite some time... it has been months since the team of vendors has been picked (each of them are SO awesome!!) and the day has been scheduled  (after the holidays and during a little wedding lull period). I finally wanted to share that the project is actually a photoshoot.

Not just any photoshoot... but two separate mock weddings/tablescapes in one! One is going to be vintage, rustic inspired with plenty of sweet details and paper trimmings, the other is going to be more modern glamorous, all out chandeliers and cool leather.  The concept behind the shoot is "The Dream is in the Details" because I run into so many brides who have a particular "dream" wedding but feel restricted by their venue, space or budget. The purpose of this shoot is to encourage brides that any Dream can be achieved with the right Details (and vendors!). As for the vendors, I purposely chose people who are in the first few years or so of their business, so they are super talented, but maybe not getting the same type of "press" on the big named wedding sites and blogs because their talent is yet to be discovered. I did this because I have to admit that when I was planning my own wedding, I sometimes felt as though if I didn't hire the BIG NAME vendors we see over and over again in the wedding web world, my wedding could never look the way I envisioned. So, I wanted to introduce my brides and readers to a fresh team of vendors who are definitely forces to be reckoned with! ;)

I think it is a pretty neat concept and I am really proud of all the work my team of vendors have put into creating the different looks and staying true to my initial vision for this photoshoot to be more than eye candy - but inspiration in it's truest form.

I didn't want to share any information about it until afterwards but I woke up this morning to a TOTAL bummer. So, I thought I would turn to my dear readers to ask for advice.

One of the vendors on my team sent me a link to a pretty popular photographer's blog. Said photographer just posted about a photoshoot she shot and the details are VERY similar to our modern glam tablescape -- TOO similar. My heart sank. I certainly don't want to look like we copied this photoshoot (since we didn't!), nor do I want to change the details now that mostly everything is purchased, booked and worked out for the shoot in a few weeks. 

What to do??!! Eddie (coming from a designer's standpoint) says that no idea is truly unique and brides won't expect that. And I know I have also received tons of great inspiration from other shoots and weddings... but I feel like this may look like a complete "rip-off" even though some of the elements and things are different. Should I just say, "who cares?!" and move on with my initial hope that this shoot would be inspiring to brides - even if they have seem something similar before? Or should I go back to the drawing board?

Since every post is better with pictures, I put together some pieces from both tablescapes to give you all a sneak peek. Most of the really cool pieces are already with the florist, pastry chef and stationer... but these are a few of the ones I still have in my possession. Thanks for "listening" to me rant. I feel a little better now. :)

Once again, I am NOT a photographer. :) And I promise everything will look so much nicer when all the elements are put together and the real photographer and videographer get a hold of it on our photoshoot day. 


Type & Swash said...

Don't worry sweetie! Your ideas rock! We're all behind you and will make this amazing!

Jessica said...

I think I have a feeling which photoshoot you are referring to.

My thoughts: Don't sweat it. Post it. The intention for your photoshoot is to give brides attainable ideas for their weddings that are not always in some open field or blank canvas. Those other photoshoots provide inspiration no doubt but they are not exactly feasible for most people. Do it!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks, ladies! After your comments and several other emails I have decided to just go ahead with our shoot and ROCK IT! :) Thanks for the encouragement!! <3

sandra pan said...

are you sure you are not a photographer? these look pretty damn good!!

sandra pan said...

oh, i forgot to mention, i am glad you feel the way you do about new vendors..i agree, we work harder and our ideas are fresher but sometimes because we don't have our names out, it can be harder..

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks, Sandra! But I have to admit that my hubby actually took the pics! :) He has a designer's eye! lol.

I hope we get to meet sometime soon! Maybe Thursday? xoxo!

carissa said...

i say go for it!! ;) trust me, the world could always use more pretty! xoxo

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Aw! Thanks, Carissa. That means a ton, especially coming from YOU! :)