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Monday, January 11, 2010

I feel like I am beginning to sound like a broken record every time I write, "When planning for our wedding..." I'm like the girl from American Pie with, "One time, at band camp." But I can't help it! I feel like I can only speak from my own experience and hope that you can take something from that experience. So, the mind-numbing monotony of my broken record is all for a good cause, right?

With that being said, when planning for our wedding, I really wanted to incorporate some unique design elements that we might be able to use in our future home. After all, who could say no to being unique or being "green" and repurposing a wedding item as a life item. Being that it would be "repurposed" I considered some pricier goods and justified it as more than a "wedding" cost, but art for the home. Eddie and I are not the most financially "comfortable" couple on the block, but we love art/design and the idea of investing in some good pieces for our home. (mind you, art does not have to be pricey to be good!) In the end, investing in art for our future home took a back seat to financing the wedding at hand, but I still dream about purchasing these matte-vinyl decals from Wonderful Grafitti for our home one day.

I am not even sure if these pieces are meant to be used more than once, but I figured we could just be extra careful in placing and peeling! ;) In any case, thought I would share the lovely with you all in case you are luckier than I! Or if you want something for your home or office... they have wedding and home collections available! And they also provide custom designs based on your needs! How cool is that? If you end up getting one of their wonderful pieces, I would love to see a pic of how you use it at your wedding or in your home - or both!

Here are a few of my faves for weddings:

And while we're on the topic of adhesive vinyl decals, I need to mention MIMI'lou.  So wonderful and whimsical. I will definitely be ordering from here when I have children, or a hankering for being childlike myself. :)

  all images via MIMI'lou website


Joanna said...

Love these decals!! I love the look it can give a room! And I totally feel you about sounding like a broken record. I have to try my best to not keep saying "For the wedding.." Everyone probably wants to shoot me now! haha

carissa said...

totally just bookmarked the childrens ones...i am SOOO buying some for my future babies!!

Anonymous said...

So...when WILL you have children?

I love your posts, Nancy. They make me happy. =) miss you~

Sandy said...

I just bought a wall decal at Target! These are adorable, thanks for sharing!!