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More Cowbell... More Bamboo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I know I promised an eco-friendly post last week... but better late than never, right?

And even better than that? More cowbell!! :)

Trust me... more cowbell will make this a fab week. And more bamboo will make ours a fab planet!

Everything by Smock Paper is sustainably printed on bamboo. How cool is that?

 Another one of my favorite eco-friendly paper goods providers is Night Owl Paper Goods. I originally fell in love with their wood cards and woodland creatures back when I purchased a birthday card my Eddie's 27th birthday. I feel like they are akin to carving your love in wood tree trunks. Know what I mean? But this way, you don't harm any real life trees! These are made with sustainably harvested wood. Honestly, I am not sure if they are made out of bamboo, but they are so cool I just had to include them in the post! ;) Some of my faves...

Don't see a design you love? Or feeling a little DIY-ish? You can order their Do-It-Yourself Wood Blanks!

More cowbell, more bamboo, everyone is more happy, right? Have a wonderful day!


Jessica said...

I love Smock Paper! Last year, I purchased some items from them.

The cards from Night Owl Paper Goods look substantial. Also, love how you gave you husband a b-day card from them. It looks like a great option for the men our lives. :)

ever ours said...

always love your cowbell posts.

and love especially the bamboo paper goods. :)

The Loveliest Day said...

The thank you cards for our wedding were by Smock Paper. Love them! I haven't seen Night Owl Paper Goods before though, and I LOVE what I see. I may have to go investigate a little further, and by investigate I mean buy something:)

Night Owl Paper Goods said...

Thank you so much for the love! We're so happy that you're as gaga for our goodies as we are! ;)

We really appreciate you featuring our wedding invites made from eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested wood! We think it's so great to see so many couples choosing earth-friendly options for their upcoming weddings!

You can view our whole selection online here: http://bit.ly/WZ2Ps. And of course, we have TONS of other cards, gifties and goodies for ALL the special days in your life!

To thank you for your support, we'd like to offer you and your readers 15% off all orders placed before April 15! Simply enter the coupon code "sohappi" at checkout.

Happi shopping!

ellen said...

i LOVE these! you and your paper, even paper dolls when we were little :)
yayyyy! can't wait to see what alice unnie will use for her invites! eehhh! i'm seriously so excited :D

p.s. you missed out on the madness tonight at my house. lol but it's too late, john oppa can't run

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Oh my goodness! I was so sick last week that I JUST saw these comments and can't believe I missed all the sweet words. PLUS! Can't believe I missed the promo from Night Owl Paper Goods. Thank you for the offer!!