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FOUND inspiration for our photo shoot!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have been alluding to the photo shoot Melissa and I are working on, and do not want to reveal too much because we are submitting it for publication. However, I will mention one of the lovely vendors we are working with for the shoot because she is just that amazing. Her work and new business have been making rapid waves in the wedding world, but I wanted to put my two cents into the mix because it has been such a pleasure working with her on this shoot and for some of my upcoming weddings (as well as a few e-sessions and bridal showers!). Who am I talking about? Well, Jeni Maus, the beauty and brains behind FOUND vintage rentals, of course!

Let me start by saying that I have a girl crush on Jeni. She has that effortless beauty and sense of style that is simply magnetic. If you see her and her studio, you will find a way to work her goods into your event because there is no doubt she will make it 100 times better! She has such a true passion for what she is doing that I am surprised she didn't start doing it sooner! Actually, I take that back. She has always had a heart for finding and collecting lovely vintage goods, it is just recently that she is making a career out of it and blessing others (like me and my brides!) in the process. I mean, why look for 100+ vintage books, 20 or so vintage frames, a dozen vintage furniture pieces yourself when you have Jeni who can do it for you? And she does it so well!

Once again, I do not want to share too much about what she is working on for our shoot, but I will share a partial list of items I am getting from her for a few of my brides! Including the things above, she is providing some of my lucky brides and grooms with throw pillows, table overlays, upholstered chairs, bottles, books, trunks and a whole slew of frames! Ooh! I am SO excited to see it all come together!

Until then, YOU can see some of it together on her blog and website. Here are a few of my fave pieces from her ever-growing collection!

All images courtesy of Studio EMP Photography via the Found website

Hope you let Jeni help you find some lovely items for your own event! Happy Wednesday!


Jessica said...

Wow, what an amazing resource! Can't to see what goodies where used for the photoshoot. From the sneak peeks, I'm share it was nothing short of beautiful.

The Loveliest Day said...

Jenni is so wonderful! I'm so excited to be working with her on the shoot, and just wish Found had been around while I was planning my own wedding!

connie M chung said...

can't wait to see everything come together! LOVE those chairs!!!

ellen said...

i LOVE the two white chairs! it reminds me of the white leather couch in your shoot at the Viceroy :)

but i ruv you more :)