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Calling all Calligraphy Lovers!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I mean, seriously, who doesn't love good calligraphy? It can instantly make anything a wee-bit classier and with all of the modern, whimsical styles that are now available, it is easy to personalize calligraphy to match any wedding or event. A boring piece of paper instantly becomes a work of art with the right calligrapher!

I would have loved to have all of our invitations addressed by a calligrapher, but this was out of our budget and I ended up hand-addressing all of them. I vowed that one day I would learn calligraphy (hoping to find the time to take a class one day!) so that I could have prettier envelopes with all of my snail mail. I LOVE snail mail and find every excuse to send some. I think I might be keeping USPS in business! :) In any case, I have not found the time to take a calligraphy class, so in the meantime I may just have to snag a few of these awesome stamps by Primele on etsy.

She also provides custom calligraphy, and offers several adorable styles. Make sure to give her a holla if you are in the market!

All images from the Primele etsy site

I would only have one request from her and other custom stamp designers on etsy... please, please, please start providing these as acrylic stamps. I appreciate the classic beauty of wood body and red rubber stamps, but in terms of practicality and ease of use, you simply cannot beat acrylic stamps. From all my scrapbookers and card-makers out there, can I get an, "Amen?!"

Thank you, Everything Fabulous, for the fab find and heads up!


Jessica said...

Ooo! Convenience in a pretty form. Genius!

brancoprata said...

They are beautiful indeed!

Alison Z. said...


cindee bae said...

AMEN!! I couldn't agree with you more on the acrylic stamp!!

Adrienne Gunde said...

Completely in love with those stamps & that gorgeous calligraphy!