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warm weather clothes and HOT hats

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Southern California weather can't seem to make up it's mind. One day it will be need-a-big-stick-from-the-gas-station HOT and I will excitedly pack up my beach bag for the next day, only to wake up the following morning to gray clouds and cold winds. Fellow So Calers, you know exactly what I am talking about. It has made for some very disappointing mornings for me these past few weeks! Yes. I could easily avoid this disappointment by simply checking the weather report, but what's the fun in that? I like the element of surprise. Other than on the date of a wedding, of course! :)

In any case, the weather is warming up, slowly but surely and although I always have difficulty knowing when exactly to let go and pack up my winter coats and sweaters, I am always eager to start shopping for new spring and summer items. It's funny how most of my cold weather clothes can be recycled for a few years, but my warm weather ones are always needing to be replaced and replenished. If I lived in Europe, I would SO be replacing everything in my closet with items from Noa Noa. (found via Priscilla Ahn's Girl in a Tree blog).

I know these items may not be available here in the United States, but thought they were too lovely to not share. Also, perhaps you can draw inspiration for your e-sessions and other outings? I know parasols are pretty common, but maybe these cloche-flapper-style hats are making a come back? They always make me think of fabulous swim or bathing caps. I LOVE it! :)

images via Noa Noa

Maybe it's time to replace the flowery/feathery hairbands with some stylish 1920's style cloches? Christian Dior seemed to think so way back in 2008!

images via Old Fashioned Pretty. LOVE this site - check it out!

I know these cloches aren't necessarily warm-weather friendly, but if some Californians can rock UGGs with shorts and shirts in 80-degree weather (please stop with this), who's to say a cloche can't catch on too?


Jessica said...

The colors from that ad campaign are AMAZING! So soft and romantic. Someone make an inspiration board around them - STAT!

Re SoCal weather: word! Being from NorCal the weather is pretty straightforward (and with seasons!) but the weather down here confuses me to no end. Hence why I live in cardigans.

The Loveliest Day said...

Um, these are all to die for. I love everything about them. The hats, the models, the colors, everythinggggg!