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Utterly Engaged Turns 1 and easy way to dress up bottled water

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Many of my brides and readers discovered So Happi Together through The Dream is in the Details shoot that was featured in Issue 8 of the Utterly Engaged Magazine.  Hello, UE readers!! ;)

Well, Utterly Engaged is celebrating one year of inspiring brides, grooms and really anyone who interested in weddings and I can't wait to help them ring in a second creative and successful year! How will I be doing this? By attending the fantabulous event below!

 If you have not already heard about their "Ultimate Hoedown, BBQ Throwdown" be sure to check out their site pronto because it is going down this Thursday! I will be there with an empty stomach and wet-naps in tow and decided to sponsor the water bottles for their swag bag for several reasons, not limited to:

1. I love the girls at Utterly Engaged (Eva, Lucia and Henny). They really welcomed me into the wedding industry with open arms and are some of the most down-to-earth people you will meet. They have always been supportive of my work and I feel it more than necessary to return the favor!

2. I think everyone who receives a swag bag will be "happi" to find water inside to wash down BBQ and keep them refreshed in the warm So Cal weather.

3. I have been wanting to try my hand at making labels for water bottles for a while now, and this gave me the perfect excuse!

I enlisted the help of my dear assistant, Bonny, her boyfriend and my hubby and we spent the evening printing, cutting and adhering labels to 300 (THREE HUNDRED!) water bottles.

It took me a little while to actually design a label I liked, but once that was done, it took us less than two hours to complete the job. I used paper I had at home, tombo double sided tape (which I use for nearly every craft project) and bottled water that was $2.99 per 24 pack! All in all, I think this was a very affordable way to show my support for the lovely ladies at Utterly Engaged and also spread some happi water cheer to 300 party guests. Especially during the summer, I think this is a really simple way to make your mark for your own wedding, bridal shower or even bachelor/bachelorette party.

My hubby kindly took some pictures for me to share with you all, but if you would like to see one in person, come on out to the party this Thursday! You can buy your tickets here... hope to see you there!
images by my Eddie Kim :)


WeddingXpert said...

I adore those! Unfortunately, a lot of homemade water bottles don't turn out so great but these are just genius.

Stephanie said...

only you can make a water bottle look this good ;)

love it! :)

Esther said...

oohhh~ i'm going to bring grant with me tomorrow!!! see you then~ Grant is SOOO big now!! :)

connie M chung said...

nice! very true. only you can make bottles look that good.

awesome pics eddie! ;)

Audree said...

Hi Nancy! So excited we have you as our wedding planner! I love that you can make even simple water bottles look so cute!

ejp said...

Cute! & great photos, Eddie! :)