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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello everyone! So, I am a week late with my big news, but I promise it was worth the wait! If you follow me on twitter or facebook, it is not really "new" news, but I thought I would take the time to share with all of my blog readers as well.

My hubby and I are EXPECTING! :) Yup! We are 14 weeks pregnant and now that I am out of my first trimester and we heard the baby's strong heartbeat, I feel comfortable to share this exciting news with all of you! I have to thank all of my current brides (who, of course, already know this news!) for being so happy for us and sweet and patient with me as I battled through my first trimester. It was not the easiest few months, which is evidenced by my lack of posts, but I am already feeling a million times better and more energetic as I enter my second trimester. I am still adjusting to the physical, mental and emotional changes, but it is all such an amazing and beautiful process and we feel truly, TRULY, blessed to be experiencing it all. I am definitely not one of those gorgeous, glowing mama-to-be's at the moment... I am a bit more of a swollen, hot, mess. :) But I am hoping to someday soon look this fabulous!

One of my all-time favorite photographers, Elizabeth Messina, took this image of our friend, Caroline Tran, another out-of-this-world photographer. Too much talent and beauty in one image, right??

My baby bump is starting to show just a teeny bit and it literally makes us giggle each time we rub it. :) I think the pregnant body is so beautiful and feel extra lucky to be sharing this time with so many other lovely ladies who are currently preggers! I know at least 6 other people who are expecting, and two of them have due dates in October, just like us!

So, I share this bit of news with another happy announcement that So Happi Together is completely booked up for 2011 and now beginning to book up our 2012 calendar! We are not booking any weddings between October and December of this year so that I can take some time to nurture our growing family and also work on the 2012 season. :) But rest assured, we already have some January and February 2012 weddings on the books, so we are happily booking weddings for the new year of 2012! And don't forget all the fabulous 2011 weddings we have in store! I am in awe with how much unique loveliness we will be sharing this year and will write more soon about all the great locations we will be visiting! In the meantime, thanks for letting me share this bit of personal information. :) Please be back next week for a post of one of our 2010 weddings at the lovely Four Seasons at Beverly Hills, shot by the ultra-cool, down-to-earth, insanely talented, Erin Hearts Court.


ellen said...

i can't WAIIIITTT! if i could squeal in my office without looking like a complete psycho you could probably hear me. love you and can't be more happier for you and so happi!

MissK said...

CONGRATULATIONS Nancy and Eddie! And you are totally WRONG, you are NOT a swollen hot mess! You are GORGEOUS and a SUPERSTAR! We just got back and I totally owe you like ten emails :) Hawaii was awesome. You guys deserve a babymoon! hugs and talk soon!

Serena Grace said...

although i heard from eddie back in vegas, i haven't congratulated you yet. CONGRATS!!

Esther said...

ahhhhhh~~~ i heard you were pregnant thru patrick!!!! congrats!!!!!!! motherhood is awesome and you two will make great parents~! if you're craving anything, lmk! let's try to get together before you get too tired~! ;)

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks, everyone!! :) We are super excited to be parents and thank you all for your encouragement!!

Anonymous said...

sooo happy for you, lovely <3 you two are going to make such wonderful parents!!!! xoxo

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks, Angel! Can't wait to catch up soon!!

Sharon & Austin said...

Awww Nancy!!! Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you guys! Have a great 2011 and God Bless!

Dandelion + Grey said...

CONGRATS Nancy! I am so happy for you! You are going to be the cutest mom around. :) xoox

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks, Sharon and Erin!! :) Miss you ladies~

Anonymous said...

YAY!! i cant wait~!
i love you guys <3
I cant wait till she starts kicking!!