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Gallery Sneak Peek #1

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone!

We are in the process of reworking our branding and website (I know - it is LONG overdue!) and as we gather images for the Gallery Section, I am coming across so many beauties that I can't believe we haven't shared yet! Birth to 2 babies and nearly 100 weddings (yes, I consider wedding planning a birth process too!) over the past 4 years has made it difficult to focus on submitting these gorgeous weddings for publication or update our website. So, as we work on sending these out for feature and organizing them for our website, I thought I would provide a few sneak peeks here!

Let's start with a throwback to this lovely fete from 2013. We were obviously early to the Radiant Orchid pantone party of 2014. I love being ahead of the trend, rather than following it. ;)

We transformed this private estate into a luxurious, yet intimate, party for 400+ guests. The youngest daughter of the Panda Inn/Panda Express empire was getting married to the love of her life and we were honored to help plan and design the amazing celebration, held at her parent's home. Of course, it was Panda catered and you can bet the food was off the charts, amazing! Michelle and Ben were the sweetest couple and wanted to fill their day with meaningful details that were unique to them and their relationship. We had so much fun designing the day around their story and are honored to now call these two our friends. Custom twiggy-branch chandeliers, custom-colored round dance floor, vintage cut-crystal glassware, specialty linens and bountiful florals made the day oh-so perfect. 

Thank you to Cat from Next Exit for the beautiful images! We will be sharing more shortly!! 


Jane Gahng said...

Beautiful as always Nancy!!