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thoughtful response cards

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I really like how these people worded their response card. ('In Body' versus 'In Spirit'). They say that they got the idea from a Martha Stewart Magazine. Why am I not surprised?

I also like how they have the crossroads thing on top. They integrated this into their escort cards. They said, please meet us at the corner of 'blank' and 'blank' and it would be the cross-street of an important place to them. I figure there are so many important/favorite places to us that this would really work well (i.e. Disneyland, Art Center, King Taco, the Village at Claremont, La Jolla Cove, etc.). Unfortunately, this would mean I can't really do the flower escort card thing. I think that would be too many elements in one thing and get confusing - or just over-did. hmmm...

Another aspect I definitely want to include in our response cards is a space that asks people to share their favorite song for drinks, dinner or dancing - meaning the cocktail hour, reception dinner or after-party. A lot of people leave a couple lines for guests to include some comments, which is also nice. So many things to think about for one little rsvp card!