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corina's wedding

Monday, June 23, 2008

Corina and Pedro's wedding was yesterday on his father's ranch in Atwater. It was definitely different from any wedding Eddie and I have ever been to and we were so in love with all of the personal details and cultural touches. We were completely surrounded by nature and the vast expanse of the sky provided such an open, refreshing feeling. What a great way to start a life together. The only thing was it was sooo hot! Over 100 degrees and we even experienced some drizzle (crazy!) and a sand storm that day! But it was all worth it with the beautiful ceremony and vows. I am so happy for them! Here are some shots of the wedding.

I loved these paper-cuts. I think Corina brought them from Mexico. So sad though because some were ruined by the drizzle storm.

Look at that great sky over the reception tables. You can't see it too well from this picture, but they had cute garden flowers inside blueish green mason jars. perfection!

such a sweet kiss after the exchange of the rings!

the sun peeking out from behind the clouds after their vows were completed.

I took this shot of the sky right over our reception table.

The four of us. I wish eddie and I could have taken a close-up picture together... I liked my hot pink dress against his green seersucker shirt :) They had bumblebee lights like we want! I have to remember to ask Corina where she got them.


King Happyberry said...

i had an awesome time at their wedding. most of all, i enjoyed the setting and the people at the wedding. i have never seen so much sky at once. the people were great too. even though we were the only asians at the wedding, they made us feel like family.