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taylor's cute question about my walk down the aisle

Monday, June 30, 2008

Daniel took some great e-pics for us, but we still need a photographer for our wedding day. During our hopeless quest for a photographer who is creative, talented AND affordable I have looked through a lot of photography blogs and websites. and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!! Since Taylor is over so often, she usually looks at these blogs and websites with me.

Today she asked me - "Does every girl have to walk in the church with her daddy when she gets married?" She looked really concerned. I swear, that girl is the sweetest little thing and is so sympathetic and deep for a six year old - or for a human being - period. I told her that not everyone has to walk down with their daddy and can actually walk down with someone else or even by themselves. She was quiet and then asked me what I am going to do. I told her that I was hoping to borrow her daddy for the day. She said, "what?!" but then smiled and said, "Okay!" I love that girl. It seriously made me want to cry. I have considered walking down with my mommy, but my mommy says that she thinks it would be too hard. I think if my mommy walked me down the aisle we would be bawling before we got halfway down the aisle. I also considered walking down on my own... but I really like the idea of my hyungboo (brother in law) "giving me away." After daddy passed away, my hyungboo really stepped in as the man in our family and I couldn't respect anyone else as much as I respect him. Plus, he has been there for me and eddie through so much in our relationship. I love him. :)

here we are on a "date" at a cold play concert.