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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

While we are on the subject of what our bridal party will be wearing on the wedding day, I thought I would post about these cool BM dresses by twobirds bridesmaid. They are definitely on the more expensive side - but the cool thing is, you can really wear it again! I know people are always saying that they want their bridesmaids to be able to wear their dress again, but it is rarely something that happens. The great thing about this dress is that it is actually 10 dresses in 1! 9 more ways to wear the dress after the wedding day! It is a cool concept - but still a bit too steep in price, in my opinion. Calf length is $270 and floor length is $290. yikes!


King Happyberry said...

this is pretty cool...i like it that all the bridesmaids are in different dresses...i think its dull when they are all dressed the same.

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

me too! plus all my BMs have such different styles. i already know my two esthers and ellen don't like strapless, but i think my sister and tiffy look good in strapless. either way, i want alice unnie to wear something even more different from the other BMs - maybe the length will be different?