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farewell to summer

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it has been such a busy summer, and for me, it is officially over now because fall sessions have started at the different colleges... it has been SO busy that eddie and i only had a chance to go to the beach once :( But it was really so relaxing and different from any other trip to the beach because we had the loverly Molly with us!

on the way to the beach. Molly loves sticking her head out the window!

took Molly some time to get used to the sand... but she loved it! we played catch for most of the time, but a stupid seagull swooped down and stole her tennis ball, thinking it was food!

poor Molly :(

look how dirty she got! sand was all over the bathtub that night.

but it was all worth it! :)


connie M chung said...

i love molly!!!

Anonymous said...

awwww~ molly is so cute! i totally forgot to say bye to molly yesterday! :(

they took baby to the beach too and they said she loves the water. she was scared at first but she got smart about it and would chase the water when the waves wash back in and run out when the waves ride back out. lol they said her ears dont smell as much after the beach water/sand that day..hahha weird. molly and baby def. need a play date!

Anonymous said...

you guys are SO cute!!! :D

Type & Swash said...