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Hair and Make-up Trial

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today I went for my wedding day hair and make-up preview/trial with Nicole DeAnne. Alice unnie and Tiffy went with me and I am really grateful for their help and input. Both of them were so busy today, but took the time out for me - only reminding me how much I love my bridal party! Nicole is actually Amelia Lyon's (our photographer) sister! They have a lot of talented people in their family, many of whom are in the wedding industry!

I have to say - I LOVE her work. She is amazing! I showed her some inspiration images of what type of hair/makeup I wanted and she was able to quickly pull together the hair, while considering my opinions and working with the natural movement of my hair. There are a few minor changes I would like to make for the actual wedding day, but I still love this style. I forgot to take my camera, so these pictures were taken over 5 hours after the actual styling (with no touch ups) and I think it still looks really good. She is going to email me the pics she took with her camera, so I will re-post at that time.

back of hair. I love how it's all piece-y. we are probably gonna give it some more volume and define the bun section a little more by making the top part a little less-curly, but I LOVE these curls!

from the side. you can get a better idea of the overall look. i love how the curls weave into each other so intricately.

from the top-back. i am going to do a slightly bigger poof in the front but i wanted to make sure to show how she pinned it down into three little sections. i love the detail!

finally, a picture from the front-side. we are gonna add a little more volume on the sides and make the bun come out a little more on the sides. this gives you a better look at the make-up, once again not touched up after eting and taking a nap in the car! i am thinking of using a brighter/lighter colored eye cuz i feel like it's too dark/heavy. but otherwise loving it all! :)


Amelia . Lyon said...

Soooo Cute! You look beautiful! Nicole totally took care of you, so happy you like her!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

wow! i just have to say - i feel like a real-life celebrity just commented on our humble little blog! Thanks, Amelia! ;)

Anonymous said...

i like~
so we're all having the same up-do? u look so pretty~ i cant wait~!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

no! i want you guys to choose your own hairstyle silly! :) that is the great thing about nicole, she can seriously do ANY hairstyle!! but you can have yours like mine, if you want ;)

Anonymous said...

oooh i like too! :)im good to go :) i'll keep my peepers peeled for dresses

Anonymous said...

um... you didn't take a good pic of your face! :P so that we can better see the peepers... i think the color looks good!!! but i understand...