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crate and barrel - wedding registry

Monday, February 9, 2009

I am so tired but wanted to post about this while it is still fresh in my head. Eddie and I headed to Crate and Barrel at the butt crack of dawn today (okay, we left at 7:20am, but that is early for me) for their wedding "party" registry event. Surprisingly it was super fun, but a little stressful.

What do you get when you add 30 minutes of sleep, mimosas, and coffee? An slightly delirious bride-to-be and her funny fiance. Looking back, I totally had a case of the giggles and it was fun to look at all the cool stuff we could put into our new home - only problem - we don't have that home yet! Eddie really wanted some cool furniture pieces, but I had to dissuade him from scanning them in because we don't even know if we are gonna get a place that can fit them! lol. Poor Eddie... I, on the other hand, was able to scan in my many baking items because we know we will have a kitchen! The cool thing is, anything not purchased off our registry is available to us for 10% off after our wedding! :)

But picking things to put on a registry is harder than it looks! That's where the stress comes in. I think we walked around with our scanner for nearly an hour before actually scanning anything in! The event was three hours long (we were there the whole time) and we put a total of 18 things on our registry! LOL. I think we are most excited about the set of knives and the griddle/grill/panini griller. We will definitely be heading back to add some more items to our list.

This is Eddie scanning in our first item - a cute salt grinder! We also registered for the matching pepper grinder (in red). I can imagine them sitting all cutely together on our kitchen counter. It felt so momentous that I had to take a picture. I dunno... we have been engaged for so long, but starting a registry actually really makes me feel engaged and makes the whole marriage thing feel SO real! :)

We went not really knowing if we wanted to register at Crate and Barrel, but came out pretty happy and dropped by Macy's Home and decided that we would also be registering there for some linens, towels and appliances. Can't wait! But we will definitely be creating that registry at a more godly hour ;)


Anonymous said...

hahahahhaha. i am so with you on the 'butt crack of dawn' thing. 7:30 is way too early. lol. i think i would have walked around scanning other people or just scanning what other people scanned. hahahha. a scan lurker!

Anonymous said...

i don't know how you did it! i refused to go there during the wedding thing or any wedding thing for that matter! went to the registry places and looked to see what i like and then did everything online. ahhh! much nicer. =) hope you picked some fun stuff!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

i actually liked the event, it was just super early in the day! lol. there were times that we just started cracking up cuz other couples were all lovey dovey and we were being our usual sarcastic, silly selves. haha. so i warned him to talk nice to me or else... and everytime he said something jokingly rude i would give him a "look" and he would say... "i'm sorry!... please don't beat me, honey" all loud and seriously and other couples around us would look at me strange... ugh. that's what you get for marrying your best friend. haha.

Anonymous said...

^hahahahha! sorry i read these super late and alll at once :)

but how fun!!! i don't blame you for taking so long, looking at your options before scanning. i would too. you gotta know what's out there before you decide, right? :) do the stand mixers and cast iron waffle maker! don't settle for the cheapie ones. cast iron makes such a diff!