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Guest sign-in book idea!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogging has been slow because Eddie and I have been so busy lately. But I had to "jot" this idea down while it is still fresh in my head.

We met with Angel and Anna yesterday to do a walk-through of the Skirball and talk about how we are progressing in terms of our timeline and just for some general fun. :) I seriously think the four of us could have talked and laughed all night if Eddie and I didn't have to check out a potential rehearsal dinner spot (more on that later). They are both such sweeties and I am so happ that they are on board to provide us with peace of mind and also just to be great new friends!

So, Angel was explaining to us the difference between the traditional guest sign-in book and the more contemporary alternatives brides use now-a-days. I have seen a lot of these (i.e. the wishing tree, notes in a fish bowl, typed-up notes on a vintage typewriter, sign-in tablecloths, etc.) but wasn't sure if I still needed to have a traditional one in addition to something new and fresh. In any case, the conversation got me thinking of what we could do to add something creative to this sign-in process. And I remembered the second-option I was considering for escort cards if we weren't going to go with the paper flowers... and figured I could put a spin on it to make it our guest sign in! lmk what you think...

I LOVE the use of different colored fabrics and think that instead of names, we can put words like "wishes" "love notes" "advice" and "memories" and have people write their respective text (or sign-in) on the back/plain side of the of the tag. Then they can pin it onto the wall and Eddie and I can have a frame of them or put them in a scrapbook afterwards. I think it is genius! :) Also, instead of circles, I would want to use a heart or flower shaped punch.

Below are some other ways these fabric punch-out tags have been used by peeps on inchmark (i LOVE that blog!). The super simple directions for making them can be found here. whoo-hoo!