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A room of one's own...

Friday, April 3, 2009

is so very important! Not just because Virgina Woolf says so... but because I say so. :)

We have been pretty busy lately with wedding-related stuffs and house-hunting that we rarely have time to update our blog. But I will try harder because I understand how our blog is like a form of crack for some of our loyal readers/stalkers (*cough*richie*cough*)!

I feel a little weddinged-out, so I wanted to share some eye candy that demonstrates how I will be using a room of my own in our new (hopefully, soon-to-be-found) home. We hope to have children in the near future, so we are only looking at homes with 2+ bedrooms. But in the meantime, when we look at homes, we try to envision the different rooms as (1) eddie's poker/xbox/game room - this has to be further from the master bedroom so that him and his friends don't bug me during my beauty sleep and (2)my craft room/library - which needs lotsa windows and natural light! I dunno where I got these images, but I have had them saved on my computer as "my craftroom" for like forever. haha. I can't wait!!! (My mom can't either - she is gonna be so happy to be free of all my craft "junk" in her home!) oh! and try to imagine cutesy molly-cakes in place of that scary fat-cat!


#1.000000000000000009 said...

lolololol. you and your molly cakes. i love those rooms! any rooom with light coming in does it for me. i am going to drop my kids off at auntie nancy's craft corner. :) seriously loving the pics.

i cant wait for you and eddie to find a home you guys both love so that me and richie can come over all the time.

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

oh! i forgot to mention that one room will be the guest room completely decorated by you guys for all of our sleepovers! lol. :)

gracemejin said...

i love it! good luck with house hunting!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Joannah - thanks for the kind comments. welcome! ;)

gracie - i think you are moving soon too, right?