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Why I love Macs!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I realized we have a link on our website to this blog, but no link from this blog to our website! web.mac.com/lovegrows

It took me like one night to whip together on my trusty macbook pro. I have my laptop (which replaced my older powerbook) for a while now and didn't even know that it came with this website making program that is sooo super easy. After I had some preliminary stuff created, I just signed up for a free trial of apple's mobileme and was able to post it onto the web that same night. it's nothing fancy, but it was just too easy to make - so I had to share!

There are still a ton of updates that have to be made - but it's what we quickly put together so that we would have something up because we wanted to mention the website on our invites! We didn't want to put our registry info on our invites since that is considered a huge no-no, but still wanted to provide that info and figured a website would be an easy way to do it. Plus, I like that it gives us a chance to introduce our wedding party, our story (which isn't up yet) and extra details about the event. One of the most important things to note, which we have yet to do, is that there will be a separate room for kids with 3 nannies to watch them for the night! I just want parents to know this info before they rsvp to come without their kids...


gracemejin said...

you did such a great job! i love macs too! your website is so streamlined and i love all the photographs. who did your e-shots again? connie? so awesome!!!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks!! I am just lucky enough to have Connie as a friend, so she did a few impromptu/candid session with Eddie and myself (she actually dates one of his best friends/groomsmen too!). Anywho - the pics on our website are taken by her! She took them at disneyland and vegas, baby! Our "official" e-pics were taken by Amelia Lyon. They have not yet been added to the website :)