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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am loving this tutorial found via Heart of Light for ruffly headbands. I feel like there are tons of these tutorials floating around lately, even Martha Stewart's most recent wedding magazine has one for different types of flowers (I heart the peony one!). But Rachel over at Heart of Light has seriously mastered the art of clarity, simplicity and just plain cute!

image by Rachel via Heart of Light

She was even featured on 100 Layer Cake for this, with a different belt version of ruffly goodness!

image via 100 Layer Cake

Before our wedding I was scouring the web to find something like this, with no luck, in order to make different flowery straps for my bridesmaids' strapless dresses. I was inspired by the image below.

Unfortunately, I don't remember where I found this image. I simply saved it under "LOVE" on my computer. But I do remember that the bride's mother actually made these lovely dresses for the bridesmaids and customized each floral strap! Isn't that awesome?!

Well, my bridesmaids dresses remained strapless, but maybe the Heart of Light tutorial can help some of you out there. And if you don't need straps... maybe you need a cute headband, belt, necklace or brooch? Loving the possibilities!

On a side, and completely unrelated, note: honey, can you please pick up your worn socks and put them in the hamper? Not just leave them exactly where you took them off? Thank you very much!

* Heart of Light's tutorial first found here!


connieMchung said...

lol. that is hilarious. i do the same thing. you guys are cute.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the tutorial love, my dear! Those dresses are fabulous - such a great idea.

ekko17 said...

wasnt me...molly!!!