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When one door closes...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

As Modern Bride and Elegant Bride magazines close their doors, I can't help but feel a little sad that our readership experience may in fact be turning paperless during my lifetime. I know this seems strange to say as I write on a blog for a virtual audience, but I really enjoy the physical aspect of holding a book or magazine in my hands and curling up with it and a cup of coffee on my sofa or bed.  I love the smell of new books and old library books and the tactile experience of flipping through glossy magazine pages and dog-earing (rather than electronically bookmarking) the pages I like and want to revisit.  But Eddie has always told me that this is quickly turning into a thing of the past and that I need to "get with the times" - which is why he usually purchases audio books and listens to them while driving.  "Reading" for him is obviously a totally different experience.

However, as the doors of many paper publications close, people are definitely finding inventive ways to open others. Perhaps the most obvious, but still interesting, alternative to physical magazines are the e-zines that have been springing up all over the web.  Of course, e-zines are not simply limited to the bridal and wedding industries, but of the wedding e-zines, I find Utterly Engaged to be utterly fabulous!

Utterly Engaged is an online wedding magazine that strives to provide original and economical alternatives to modern brides. They feature delicious spreads of inspiring images and creative content.  A super plus is the fact that the publication supports small, up-and-coming business owners in the wedding industry while showcasing real people and real solutions. Their features are chock-full of details, advice and all kinds of beautiful.

You definitely need to check out all four issues for yourself... but just to give you a preview of some things that have made my day:

they showcase "hidden gems" around town

and feature "real weddings"

they provide great DIY ideas

and advice on fashion and hot shopping spots


and interviews with fresh, talented artists and wedding vendors

I SO want to check out that vintage shopping spot in LA! Girl's weekend, anyone?!

All images via Utterly Engaged.


Henny@ UE said...

Thank you for the blog love!! We love hearing from our readers. Don't you love that vintage store? I want to make a trip up there myself!

Jessica said...

Utterly Engaged is a fab e-zine. What I really like about it is that most of the items featured are accessible to brides -- something many bridal magazines fail to do.

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

I couldn't agree more! That is totally what I mean about real solutions for real brides... and I love their localized coverage. Another reason why I love S. Cali!