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Banning Marriage?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This idea of Texas accidentally banning ALL marriages is just too insane to not mention.

On a totally un-related note. I have been working on my computer for the last 2 hours, totally engrossed in emails and spreadsheets. I just looked up to see that my husband left a Kit Kat bar (my favorite candy bar) right next to me like an hour ago, and I didn't even notice it! Oh the simple things. I think I love him. :)

Booked 3 clients this week and I am super excited because they are all AWESOME!! 2010 - here we come! I had such a wonderful week that I bought myself some flowers so that my home can match my mood. I am not a photographer, or a florist - but these images still make me happy!


I like tying my flowers together with ribbon left over from our wedding and placing the small, natural-stem posy type bouquets in vases we received from our registry (thanks, ellen and ernest!). I made these with a bouquet of pink ranunculus and a few stems of crespedia (aka billy balls). I think this combo could be so cute for simple BM bouquets and oh so easy to make at home!

Total cost: $12 and that's not even wholesale prices, ladies. Imagine what you could do and how many you could make with a short trip to the downtown flower mart!

Have a fabulous and happy weekend! xoxo!!