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Don't forget your "Something Bleu"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My first wedding as So Happi Together is next Saturday and I am SUPER excited!

Christy and Rich are the sweetest couple and are planning an intimate, elegant and FUN wedding. We have been planning for a while now and I can honestly say that I will miss all of our wedding-related emails and communication!  Christy is the most organized and gracious bride, and I have been blessed to work with her.  They are both from New York but planning an Orange County wedding, which means a lot of e-mails, attachments and text messages. ;) I can't wait to recap the day - which I am sure will be simply perfection!

I bring this up because I have been in the process of putting together my "emergency kit" for weddings and one thing I think I will definitely be including is a blue garter. Nothing too extravagant, but just a little something in case a bride forgets either her garter or her something blue.  On my wedding day, I forgot BOTH! Well, I had them... I just forgot to wear them.  My oldest sister had taken my mom's old han-bok (traditional Korean dress) and made a garter out of the beautiful silk material, complete with a touch of blue as a bow and some posh feathers. I LOVED it. But in the rush of the morning, I forgot to put it on. (I also forgot to put on my lovely beaded, fingertip veil before heading down the aisle, but that is another story for another post).  Before my garter toss our beautiful day of coordinator, Anna from Events of Love and Splendor, brilliantly cut a piece of my left-over gold ribbon (used for wedding decor) and tied it around my thigh.  The make-shift garter was wonderful, but kept falling off and didn't have the same effect as a traditional garter when Eddie untied it from my leg, rather than pulling it off.  So, I decided I will have a back up for my brides just in case they run into the same problem I did!

In my search for a simple blue garter, I was reminded of Bleu Garters because I had become a fan during my own wedding planning process. They were out of my budget, but a girl can dream!

I especially love their Monaco garter, which is Art Deco inspired and has a tint of sea-green-blue in the beading. Of course, these probably shouldn't be tossed. But you can also purchase separate "toss garters" at their online store.  If you don't find something you like there, you can also order a custom garter and send them materials you would like included in the garter. Bonus? They are right here in sunny California! Yay for local vendors! :)


Another staple of my emergency kit due to lessons learned from my own wedding
Earplugs for older family members/guests sitting at front tables, aka near speakers. eeps!


angela said...

o! great idea! i hadn't even thought about the garter until now! and i saw your pictures on connie's blog :) you look beautiful & this is shallow but i really really love all your clothes+accessories/fashion style :D

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

*hey little room LA! Thanks for your sweet comment! I really appreciate it! :) I love when people can pile on accessories but I am the type who can only pull off one necklace or bracelet at a time so I like them to be statement pieces. thank for noticing!

I know the garter is such an after thought, but I love how bleu garters refers to it a a possible heirloom. I think the ribbon ones could even double as a cute headband. lol.

Esther said...

nancy, let me know how things went next week! can't wait to hear about it! :) btw, i'm in love love love with your headshots~ i'm currently not in the picture taking mode (since my weight is not coming off since Grant arrived!!) so i'm super super jealous that connie made you fierce & beautiful! sniff sniff...

connieMchung said...

rock on sista! you'll do great!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

*esther, you are crazy! You are gorgeous!! Thanks for your kind words about my pics!

*connie, oh you know it!! It's been broughten... ;)

Anonymous said...

NANCY!!! thank you soooo much!!! I just happened upon this post as I was gathering information for Palos Studio and you are the sweetest, most creative, and most detail oriented wedding planner I could have ever hoped for!! I can't wait to see you next week!!! Thank you soooo much for everything you've done and we just can't express enough aprpeciation!!!!! YOU SO ROCK!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

*Christy! You are too cute and really I feel so lucky to be working with you and Rich and now friends as well. It has been a pleasure from day one. Can't wait for your BIG DAY!!!