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Mad Props for Photo Booths

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not "mad" props, like "angry" props. Rather, "mad" props, like "kudos and many compliments"! ;) Photo booths are way too much fun and while they are definitely a luxury, the cool factor that they add to weddings and other events is a must!  I have already shared my own longing for and love of a photo booth at our wedding. It was probably one of the nicest and most memorable gifts we received!

But this post isn't just about giving "mad props" TO the use of a photo booth at your wedding. It is also about using "mad" or "crazy-cool" props WITH your photo booth! Here are just a few examples of creative props people having been using to enhance their photo booth experience!

 sheep from Dolci Odille


smiles from Smittensticks

lipstick kisses on Sarah K Chen

Sasha Souza's photo booth creation is a prop in itself, via Kiss the Groom

Or if you plan to go the traditional route - a nice prop for displaying your pictures after the wedding
from Keg Design

And isn't nature itself just the best prop around? via Ruffled

We did something similar for Eddie's best friend's birthday, Richie, last month. His girlfriend, our friend and photographer, Connie M Chung, threw him a BBQ bash at a park and she enlisted my help for some of the decor, favors and fabric for her "photo booth". I purchases the fabric for $1/yard at the fashion district and I love how she has nature itself frame each shot.

Any interesting props or photo booth ideas that I missed?


connieMchung said...

i LOVE the sheep props! thanks again for taking care of the fabric, favors and decor!!! :) you seriously added the perfect touch to the bbq.

Youkeun oh said...

great post to get the creative juices flowing! i'm setting up my booth for a 1st bday/christmas party next month...should be very interesting :D

bonny said...

i love the frame picture where its hanging from the tree~!!!