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Congrats to all you newly engaged!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I know the holidays are a popular time for proposals and is it any surprise? Joy and love are in the air, and what better way to express your love than to ask someone to commit to you wholly, fully and indefinitely? :) I LOVE the holidays and I LOVE love stories. I can't wait to start hearing all the romantic stories from this holiday season!

This was my first Christmas as a wifey and it was a lot of work, but I really had so much fun. My husband and I cooked a HUGE feast for his family on Christmas Eve and I swear, we are going to need a bigger dining table next year. After dinner, we went to my parent's home where is it tradition for everyone to sleep over on Christmas Eve and each person gets to open a single gift at midnight. Then we stay up eating, playing games, watching movies, and being jolly. Christmas morning we woke up early, opened the rest of the presents, ate a big breakfast and then visited my dad at Rose Hills. After that we went to have lunch with Eddie's family, came back to have dinner with my family and played more games until past 3 in the morning! We got home at nearly 5am this morning and the agenda for today is: snuggle, eat and maybe shop. That is a BIG "maybe" and it can easily be replaced with more snuggling. ;)

I am sure there are plenty of newly-enaged loverlies scouring the web for wedding resources and inspirations and I wanted to say, Congratulations! and Welcome!! You're in for an incredible journey and my advice is to enjoy every minute of it. Don't forget the joy you felt at the moment you screamed "yes!" to his all-important question and let that carry you through the process of planning the big day that will commence the even bigger life you two have ahead of you. Hugs and kisses from So Happi Together! xoxo!!

And here is one of my favorite proposal stories, courtesy of the forever-talented Bakerella.  I discovered her now-famous cupcake pops when I was planning for our own wedding and tried making some of my own thinking we might be able to use them somehow, but they ended up tasting like Korean-refrigerator... mmmyeah. Not what I think Bakerella had in mind. But THIS! THIS clever proposal is simply genius and I think she is such a sweetie for taking part in it. I have read the story and follow-up several times, but it still makes me choke up. I don't know why! I feel like a crazy person because I don't even know the couple, but it is so romantic.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!