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More Cowbell - More Trucks and Trailers

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Normally, trucks and trailers may seem like they have nothing to do with weddings but these four-wheeled friends are quickly outshining your typical limos, rolls royces and stretch hummers. We need more trucks and trailers, like we need More Cowbell.

They are not only used for (1) fun modes of transportation, but also provide (2) great catering options, and in my opinion, can function as (3) a unique "changing/waiting" area. This is especially true if you are having a wedding at a venue (usually outdoors) with no set space for down-time for the bride, groom and bridal party.

Probably my favorite example of a fun mode of transportation would have to be the old SWAT van that this couple purchased from Property Room and used on their wedding day. Check out the rest of this cool wedding on Snippet and Ink.

images by Ira Lippke

And old VWs like this would make a great entrance or exit for a vintage-inspired wedding and also serve as a great prop!

As for food trucks, where do I begin? Of course, the ever-popular In-N-Out truck is a personal favorite. It is also great for weddings with lots of out-of-town guests so that they can experience Cali food at it's best!

image via {un}veiled vows

Or maybe the trendy and tasty Kogi truck featuring Korean tacos? YUM!
images via flickr

And if you already have a great caterer, but want a delightful dessert on wheels, you might consider any of these great options.

Cool Haus ice cream, images by the lovely Jean Tsai

 The Get Shaved Ice Truck, image by Audrey Ma

If you're like me and enjoy breakfast foods for dessert, you may be interested in the Buttermilk Truck.
images via the Buttermilk site.

And finally, if you're like anybody who has a heart and taste buds, you will enjoy the Sprinkles truck!

As for trucks/trailers that function as changing or waiting rooms - I know teardrop caravans won't necessarily provide much space, but I am pretty obsessed with this pink one and thought that I would end this way-too-long-Cowbell post with it. :) Happy Hump Day!


* And if you are in the LA area - a semi-comprehensive list of food trucks can be found here. Enjoy!


postcards and pretties said...

i love that old vw ..so cool

joanna said...

How could you do this to us? Posting all those yummy treats! Now how am i supposed to fit in my wedding dress! Hahah! In-n-out truck is my dream but the Kogi truck was super yum! Serg says that buttermilk truck was bomb! I say next dinner date we find a truck!

lizzie said...

Great finds! Love the VW and the last pink trailer! Too cute!

Unknown said...

Gosh I love these! Food trucks are AWESOME. Those ice cream sandwiches are to die..yum!

Jessica said...

Mobile Cravings has now been saved in my favorites. My wallet has been warned.