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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So, I spent two whole afternoons last week putting together a fantabulous post for you all - filled with over 20 different links and oodles of gorgeous images. When I clicked to "publish post" an error message appeared and I frantically clicked "save now" as I tried to hastily "select all" and "copy" but rather managed to "select all" and "delete" Argh!  Of course, it deleted right as the computer was applying "save now" and I brilliantly managed to save my empty screen and lose every bit of my precious post. Defeated, I have been hiding from blogging, but come back now refreshed and renewed and ready to share some images with you all! This is not the post that I loved and lost that day, but seeing one of my bride's engagement session pictures today inspired me to get back on this blog and share.  Because seriously, I cannot NOT share such lovely images of my incredible brides and grooms in LOVE! I really am blessed to be doing what I am doing and I thank God every day for blessing me with the opportunity to work with such amazing people during such a special time in their lives. Truly. It is a blessing. Also, it allows me to work with amazing and talented people like these photographers below!

So, the images that inspired me today are of Dina and Tai - two of the sweetest, most thoughtful, beautiful-inside-and-out people you will ever meet. Working with them is more like meeting friends for coffee and laughs. That is, meeting with beautiful, model-esque, flawless friends! And you all already know how much I love Amelia Lyon, so consider me in a state of pure bliss on their wedding day, at the dream location of the Athenaeum!

all images courtesy of Amelia Lyon Photography - check out her blog here!

Viv and Lloyd are another one of my out-of-town couples and they make my job way too easy. You can probably tell from their pictures, but their laid-back, fun attitudes only enhances their stylish young love! I can't wait for their upcoming wedding at Cafe Pinot. It will be my first time working with Sean Flanigan and I am super excited because this Washington based photographer seems like one of the most down-to-earth, modest, but uber-talented photogs around. Don't believe me? Check out his work on his blog and the about me page on his website!

all images courtesy of Sean Flanigan

And what can I say about Lydia and Jimmy... they are SO cute! Everytime I get a text or phone call from Lydia I smile and when I see her I just want to pick her up and give her a bear hug! we are transforming a church reception hall into a completely different space for their wedding and the challenge has been great fun to tackle together! Expect a ton of cute touches from their big day - all captured by the fun and talented EP Love. I have the honor of working with this crazy-cool team twice in the month of October and can't wait! Check out the hotness on their blog!

Finally, Anne and Jeff I hold dear to my heart because they have been nothing but sweet, encouraging, thoughtful and appreciative for every part of their planning process. Their wedding is actually this weekend and the venue is ah-mah-zing with one of the kindest and handsomnest catering managers around! ;) (I will share once the weekend is over and I have some of their images to share!) This is another exciting day because it will be my first time working with Erin Hearts Court - a husband and wife photography team that I have been following like a freaky fan ever since this wedding. The stars aligned, making Erin and Courtney available for Anne and Jeff's wedding day and I could not be more thankful! Their blog is filled with all kinds of juicy eye candy, so don't forget to stop on by! This first image of Anne and Jeff just melts my heart...

all images courtesy of Erin Hearts Court Photography

That's it for now but stay tuned for some amazing wedding re-caps filled with touching details and lots of love! Have a wonderful day!!

p.s. I know I promised a file/tutorial on how to create a handy dandy guest list - but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a file to be "downloadable" so in the meantime, please feel free to email me and I can send you a template of one! ;) Happi day!


ever ours said...

oh my goodness! you get to work with so many amazing photogs!! can't wait to see all of this!

Rog said...

Nancy, thanks for having us on your blog and please don't think that we as photographers and people aren't just as excited and stoked to be working with your beautiful and talented self. Can't wait. You are rad.

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Thanks peeps!

Ever ours - I know! Aren't I the luckiest? ;)

Rog - you are pretty badical, yourself! Thanks for your kind comments, I'm on cloud nine!

Carol choi said...

Omg nancy! How come I had a feeling you were doing this wedding! It's my neighbor's younger sister. Hope to see you soon and miss you lots!!!

Anonymous said...

I love love love the magazine spread. Just gorgeous and amazing .... like Nancy :) xoxo - Jme